Cease Fire is a 2D side-scrolling (arcade) fighting game for PC.


Be the leader of a small military unit from the 1940s. By defeating fifteen opponents, your goal is to convince the other members of the team that you are the one in charge. The fighting takes place in a tournament consisting of twelve scenes.


In Cease Fire twelve selectable characters and three hidden bosses await the player. Playable characters include Igor the grenadier, Julia the nurse, Rony the radio operator, Captain Ballast the sailorman, Dr. Bloodpressure the field surgeon, Natasha the spy, as well as several others emerging from the milieu of the 1940s.


The humor of the game is manifold; either it comes from the burlesque situations arising during the duels (computer-controlled opponents react upon the situation, that is, taunt the player when they get the upper hand, try to make the player nervous or even laugh at the player) or from the humorous scenes of the introductory and concluding cut scenes. Apart from these, there are several in-game jokes as well, such as the stories introducing the characters. Many characters were taken from other games like Friv games.


As for control, Cease Fire follows the usual and proven standards used in other games of the genre, thus the basics can easily be mastered. Practicing the use of combos and hidden key combinations allows more spectacular and effective charges on the opponents.

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