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What We Do

We find participants in rural areas for market research

We champion the fair representation of rural voices in market, social and political research

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Based in Mid Wales with national network of recruiters - from the Scottish Highlands to the Cornish Coast


Growing the FieldMouse Rural Panel through digital and print advertising, we can recruit in any location

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Access to hard-to-reach participants with seldom-heard-voices for depth interviews, focus groups and online communities


Strong B2B experience with a panel of rural business owners who want their voices heard

We partnered with Alligator Digital to launch Opinion Harvester - a unique panel of farmers for quant and qual research

Why Rural?

Agriculture, forestry and fishing accounts for 25 percent of VAT registered businesses in Northern Ireland: with the exception of Belfast, agriculture, forestry and fishing was the largest industry group in all local government districts

Of Scotland’s 32 local authority areas, 13 have a population of more than 50 percent living outside urban areas: these local authority areas contribute 20.6 percent of total Scottish GVA

The Welsh Government estimates that 85 percent of land in Wales is used for agriculture and forestry, or is common land

Rural areas of England contribute an estimated £229 billion to England’s total economy in terms of GVA: this is approximately one fifth of England’s total economic activity


Our Values

FieldMouse is passionate about bringing the voice of the countryside to our clients in the market research industry and beyond. We believe that every opinion counts, whether it’s from London or Llandudno, and we are committed to ensuring the fair representation of rural and remote communities across the UK.


We have pledged to use local and rural suppliers wherever possible, whether it’s for the design of our logo or catering for focus groups. In fact the only bit of FieldMouse that comes from London is co-founder Paul Flatters and, actually, he’s from a small town in Yorkshire called Goole.

Meet the Team

Sarah Morris

Sarah has worked in business development for twenty years, mostly in consumer insight and trends forecasting. When she moved to rural Montgomeryshire in Mid Wales, Sarah threw herself into local community life.

A chat over a beer with long-time colleague Paul Flatters revealed that Sarah’s growing network in Wales could be the launch pad for FieldMouse.

The idea grew quickly from a local Welsh venture to a nationwide solution for the widely-acknowledged problem of conducting market research in          rural areas.

Paul Flatters

Paul is a qualitative research practitioner. Over the last thirty years, he has worked with many fieldwork agencies and is pretty sure he has visited every viewing facility in the UK.

Paul has an unrivalled understanding of what researchers need from a fieldwork agency, which is exactly what FieldMouse will deliver in – excusing the pun – spades.

Paul is also CEO of Trajectory Partnership. He is a regular media commentator and a leading expert in social trends forecasting.


Make your voice heard

We are always looking for more people to take part in our clients' paid market research projects. Incentive amounts vary but you can typically expect £40 for joining an online or in-person focus group. To register, please complete this form and we will contact you when we have a project you may fit the criteria for.

Or if you're a farmer, click below to join Opinion Harvester!


hello@fmresearch.co.uk         +44 (0) 7487 510407

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