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Online surveys for farmers and farm workers

Join Opinion Harvester today and get paid for your opinion.

Farmers: have your say on the future of farming

Join the FieldMouse Opinion Harvester panel and get paid for sharing your views on the key issues affecting farming today.

Opinion Harvester is an exclusive market research panel of UK farmers, owned by FieldMouse with online surveys delivered by our digital partner Potentia Insight.

With issues such as climate change, land use, food ethics and an uncertain post-Brexit future all affecting farming – it has never been more important for those working in the sector to be heard. Farmers who join the Opinion Harvester panel could be called upon to give their opinion in focus groups, telephone interviews or online surveys for projects commissioned by policy makers and their consultants. Farmers are paid £10 for completing a 10 minute online survey and around £100 for taking part in more in-depth research. Please note that all registrations on Opinion Harvester are manually verified, by FieldMouse with a follow up phone call, to protect the quality of this UK farmers only panel.


If you are a researcher who needs a sample size of up to 500 highly verified farmers for an online survey, please contact Colin Clifford, Commercial Director of Potentia Insight.


For qualitative research recruitment of farmers please contact Sarah Morris, Managing Director of FieldMouse. 

Get paid for sharing your views on the key issues affecting farming today
I joined Opinion Harvester last year and have taken part in a couple of focus groups and online surveys. The research topics are really interesting – it's a great way to make sure my voice gets heard, and the beer money comes in handy too!

Nic Renison, farmer in Cumbria

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