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Get paid for your opinion

Join our panel of participants who take part in paid market research studies for the UK's leading market research companies.

A rewarding experience

Taking part in market and social research is a rewarding experience. As well as the financial incentive – which ranges from around £50 for a 90 minute focus group up to £500 for a longitudinal study with multiple research sessions – you are getting involved in important conversations.

Most market research is about a specific consumer product, for example a new brand of wellie boots. Although FieldMouse does work on a few of these projects, most of our clients ask us to find participants for social research which often informs the policies of a government department or other public sector body.

So to ensure your voice is heard – that your experiences of living in the UK are better understood by the organisations who help shape our country's future – sign up to the FieldMouse panel to get paid for your opinion!

Sign up to the FieldMouse panel to get paid for your opinion!

FieldMouse is ICO registered and compliant with the DATA Protection Act 2018. We are an accredited recruiter with the MRS Accreditation Scheme.

All research is anonymous and confidential and your data will never be shared with any third parties. You can read our full Privacy Policy here

We are also a member of the Wales Chamber of Commerce 

I thought the project was brilliant and very informative. I went into work this morning and immediately looked at getting our water pipes checked and had a look into grants that could help support our business. Thank you FieldMouse for including me in this interesting research. I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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