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One great leap

Fieldwork manager Samantha Banks is FieldMouse's most recent recruit. She explains why making the bold leap from the eduction sector to a career in market research has been so rewarding

Life is a journey of self-discovery, growth, and change. Sometimes, we find ourselves at crossroads, contemplating a shift in our career path. Deciding to start a new career is a bold and exciting step in anyone's life. One field that holds immense potential and opportunities for growth is market research.

Having spent 14 years in the education sector, the allure of a fresh challenge was starting to beckon. After posting on a social media page to see what opportunities were available outside of education, FieldMouse's managing director, Sarah Morris, introduced herself and explained about the rewarding work that FieldMouse Research are involved in and after meeting herself and Caitlin, I subsequently joined the team in July 2023.

Market research opens a world of possibilities, where you can combine your love for learning with the excitement of deciphering consumer patterns and market trends. The skills I have learnt in my previous roles have certainly supported my transition into a new sector and are starting to form the foundation of my market research career.

Transitioning into a new career has required guidance and mentoring and I am extremely grateful for all of the support the FieldMouse team have given me. I am very lucky to work with such an experienced group of people.

To date, I have begun to complete my training towards the Market Research Society’s Recruiter Accreditation Scheme. The overall purpose of the scheme is to improve the quality of qualitative recruitment and has been both informative and insightful in understanding the expectations of recruitment for research and how the role of a market researcher plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between companies and their clients. I have also been involved in some interesting projects and have been able to meet and greet some participants at research workshops and have taken part in some street recruitment.

What is unique with FieldMouse is that they are passionate about gathering the views of rural and rarely heard voices. Living on the edge of the Peak District, I have witnessed the frustrations of the rural and farming communities and FieldMouse are working hard to raise the profile of these previously unheard opinions and champion change.

Transitioning from the education sector to market research has been an inspiring journey of growth and exploration and I am embracing the opportunities to learn, adapt, and contribute to businesses and their clients through the power of evidence-driven insights.

Whilst I am very new to the industry, what is clear, is that with determination and continuous learning, I can look forward to forging a career in market research which promises to be an intellectually stimulating journey filled with opportunities to make a real impact.

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