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The Green Farm Collective

Want to know what British farmers are doing about the climate and biodiversity emergency?

Yesterday I joined Team Wrexham of FieldMouse Research – Jon Williams, Raedene Davies, Rashelle Valentine – at The Green Farm Collective conference in the West Midlands.

The Green Farm Collective is a fantastic initiative led by a pioneering group of farmers who have taken the environmental bull by the horns. They have created a workable system for individuals and business to offset carbon to achieve carbon net zero, and invest in biodiversity projects on British farms.

All while supporting sustainable, local, seasonal food production – critical to both combating climate change and achieving national food security.

Many thanks to Michael Kavanagh for inviting FieldMouse to The Green Farm Collective on his farm yesterday. We learnt so much, met lots of brilliant people, and signed some fantastic farmers up to our Opinion Harvester panel too. Hope you and the rest of the team enjoyed your FieldMouse Ale once it was all over – very well deserved!

If you are interested in getting involved in The Green Farm Collective to offset your corporate or individual carbon or invest in biodiversity schemes whilst supporting sustainable food production (hey, we all have to eat, why not cut down on those food miles at the same time?), please see these FAQs or visit to find out more.

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