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The Struggle for Fairness short film

One of FieldMouse's founding aims was to champion rural and rarely heard voices in market research. So when we heard that our client Futuresight was making a short film for The Communications Consumer Panel (part of OFCOM), about the 'digital divide', we wanted to help.

In early Spring 2023 Futuresight's Rob Waddington took an epic road trip around the UK. He wanted to understand the challenges and frustrations of rural broadband connectivity, so FieldMouse introduced him to rural communities from Unst in Shetland to Exmoor via the Scottish Highlands, Northumberland and Powys.

“This was old school qualitative research – engaging, empathetic, resonant, expressive – a refreshing reminder that, whilst AI will help us process the data lakes, there is a richness and depth to human interactions that cannot be replaced.” says Rob.

He found that in many rural and remote areas of the UK where the digital infrastructure is not yet in place – these communities often struggle to function. Thanks to Rob for allowing FieldMouse to share the film on our website, we hope you enjoy it. It highlights perfectly the realities of rural life, with the added bonus of some stunning scenery!

You can watch the film here.

A written report on the issues raised entitled The Struggle For Fairness CCP can be found here.

For further info on Futuresight's work contact

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